Blog Post #8 – Audacity Mix

Hey folks, it’s that time again for a new blog post. This time, uploading an MP3 mix I made on Audacity via Soundcloud, involving a short, goofy poem, a free sound clip, and a music file by DoKashiteru over on ccMixter, to whom I give all credit for it, “Impromptu in A”.

Attribution Information for DoKashiteru’s “Impromptu in A”:

The Elephant sound effect is freeware that I got from, here’s the link where I found it:

And here’s the page that said it was freeware:

It says ‘fonts”, but it’s reasonable to assume they also apply it to sound bites, etc., especially because the answer to the very next question about sounds obviously means to tell how to embed them, NOT that they’re really free for use… but then, that header looks like a typo in relation to the text, so it’s reasonable to think that’s what it is.

ANYWAY, I’ve spent the better part of an hour and a half bending and scraping to avoid any potential legal backlash. I don’t want to be sued, I’m just trying to do this for a student project that’s late enough as it is. I affirm compliance with Creative Commons – I would not have used either soundbite if I had reasonable suspicion that it was not otherwise OK to use them in my remix, and I have attempted to give reasonable attribution where it was asked for. IF ANY PROBLEM STILL ARISES DUE TO THE USAGE OF EITHER SOUNDBITE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL TAKE THE MIX DOWN.


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